fructose can suck my dick

i swear to you that trip plush is the most well-loved dmmd plush there is like yeah most people buy them and then put them on shelves bc they’re expensive but like?

i sleep with him and i take him places and chili and i even brought him and virus and noiz to target and buckled them into the baby seat while we bought pizza lunchables and a cupcake and starbucks

and the times that ive held his little hands and nuzzled his little face when i’ve been upset are worth much more than the money i paid for him

so yeah i pretty much treat him like my child \o/

he is so excited for his Very Own Donut

he is so excited for his Very Own Donut

so i had to call out of work on a saturday because i cant keep food down lmao

who has the Better Booty? Trip or Aoba?


I mean it depends on what you’re lookin for. Aoba’s is rly petite and honestly it looks flat in most CGs lmao it’s like his thighs just… end. It has just a little curve to it so like if that’s what you’re into then Aoba has the best ass.

Meanwhile Trip is stacked. His ass is thick and muscular like the rest of him. Careful fucking it b/c he can snap off whatever you put in him with his powerful ass. Virus is probably the only person who can tame it and fuck him without fear.

Also I don’t want anyone to forget Virus has the best ass overall and this is canon and i will get in fights over this.

Imagine Virus coming home drunk and horny late one night and throws himself at Trip. When they eventually get to the sex part, imagine Virus getting in a few thrusts before Trip feels Virus just collapse on top of him. He jerks his head up and sees Virus is just sleeping. He sighs because damn it now he's frustrated but then just carefully nudges Virus out of him and then pulls the blankets up. If one thing is worse than sexual frustration, it's waking up a sleeping Virus.


i never thought i’d say “poor trip” but omg poor trip. hopefully he gets to fuck virus’ hangover away in the morning

shoutout to tobi and gary for showing concern though

i dont give you guys enough credit for helping me

i fucking pussied out i cant do it

no youre not there is no proof and dont tell me you are or that there is because i know damn well you arent and theres not

what do you call this whole thing then

ive lost friends left and right, ive lost things i didnt want to lose, all ive been is a burden and an annoyance

i’d be doing everyone a favor

i want you around i always do i dont want you gone youre not a nuisance

i am a nuisance the proof is right in front of your face tobi

the proof is right there

But I don't want you to die because you are really nice. Your blog is really nice. You're cool. The world needs more cool people not less. ;-;

i’m not wanted

no one wants me around no one ever does

all i do is upset people and do things people dont want

all the time

25 years of this

25 years of being a nuisance